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Satelite availability

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FILIAGO International SATELLITE Products enable you to have Internet, Phone and TV - with speeds up to 30 Mbit/s, everywhere in Europe and beyond its borders. We offer complete solutions and with the use of various satellites we enable optimal coverage, within the European teritory and wider.

AVAILABILITY: please refer to the Maps listed here, the Footprint of different satellites and their orbital position. The geographical indications of the satellite operators serve only as a guide and are not binding.

Filiago 4.0
(31,5° East)
Filiago 4.0 (31,5 Grad Ost)
Filiago SPEED
(33,5° West / Avanti Hylas1)
Filiago SPEED (33,5 Grad West)
Filiago SPEED
(31° East / Avanti Hylas2)
Filiago SPEED (31 Grad Ost)

Aktuelle Auszeichnungen

Award Winner 2016

eco 2016: Filiago wird als Gewinner in der Kategorie "Next Generation Infrastructure B2C" durch den Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft ausgezeichnet.